16 year Student appointed as Somalia’s Youngest District Commissioner

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A 16 year old Student in Somalia´s  Hirshabelle State is shocked at his appointment as a Deputy District Commissioner,

Hirshabelle State Hirshabelle’s Minister for Internal affairs Mohamed Ali Adle appointed Feisal Abdullahi Omar to be the second highest ranking government officer in Gambole but has expressed his reservations

“I am still a student a student in Sheikh Hassan Barsame school in Jowhar.The Minister of Internal Affairs gave me an appointment letter. I want to resign from that post because I can’t manage it” Omar told journalists in Jowhar the Hirshabelle administrative capital.

“I don’t know why I was appointed. Some days ago there were people who came and said they wanted to hold a seminar for clans. When those people came to my father, he told them to write my name to represent him and they did. As I was waiting for the seminar, I got the appointment letter from the Minister that was delivered through my father. I was surprised” Omar related.

He said his family shared similar reservation upon the unusual appointment.

“The father and some of my close relatives came to me and said this is an issue that is higher your level” he said.

“I fear for my own security. I thank all the leaders of Hirshabelle regional government especially the Minister for Internal Affairs for appointing me. But I am making it clear that I am unable to take that responsibility because you have seen the insecurity in the country” he added.

Gambole lies 50 kilometres west of Jowhar and is controlled by the Alqaeda lined militant group Alshabaab which has recently intensified its attacks on government and Amisom troops

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