President Farmajo to Lead Operations against Al-shabab

by admin | Tuesday, Mar 20, 2018 | 964 views

Somali President, Mohamed Abdullahi Farmaajo will command the ongoing preparations of Somali military to advance on Al-shabab controlled areas, Defense ministry said on Saturday.

Mohamed Mursal Sheikh, Defense minister said President Farmajo has reformed the military leadership during his stay at the ministry last week.

Mursal noted that the president would spearhead the operations against Al-shabab fighters.

“President reshuffled the command of the army. He is leading ongoing preparations of the military to advance on Al-shabaab,” said the minister.

He pointed out that joint Somali forces will soon launch major operations to liberate areas under the control of Al-shabab fighters.

“Inclusive armed forces will take part in the operations to flush out Al-shabab fighters from Somalia,” he explained.

Last month, President Farmajo announced new offensives against Al-shabaab.

“We will gear up the operations to clear Al-shabab. We want to liberate all areas under Al-shabab rule, I call upon Somali public to help the army in the fight against the group, “said President Farmajo.

Since February, Somali forces conducted operations in Middle and Lower Shabelle region.

Radio Andolus which was Al-shabab’s broadcaster was destroyed in operations that took place last month in Lower Shabelle region.

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