Hiran security destroyed illegal Check points in Beletweyn

by admin | Saturday, Aug 25, 2018 | 2334 views

Hiran Regional Security forces started today an operation against illegal Checkpoints who are located in Beledweyn and its surrounding Areas.

Arab Yusuf Nuur is the one of Security Officials who started this operation; Arab said that they destroyed three illegal Checkpoints in in Beledweyn and its surrounding Areas.

He said that the operation was the first of its kind and will continue as they conducting new operation in coming days .

The Illegal Checkpoints were located at  Burjada Ciinta, Fiilo Guduud and Galbarwaaqo  Villages all around Beledweyn City.

He warned those committed other illegal Checkpoints in Hiran Region and he points that they will arrest and deliver to justice system.

Arab Calls Hiran Population to work closely with Security Officials to secure the region and people life without fear.

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